Sunday, August 28, 2016

Understanding Software Keylogger

"Well, my facebook account got kitchen set malang hacked!" "The Data I lost all kok ya?"
This may be the words that are spoken when you hacked by the Cracker. This may be due to the behavior of a software hack called the Keylogger. What the hell is the sense that Keylogger Software? Why Keylogger it is often used by hackers? Hehehehe ... Quiet gan. This time I will discuss about the sense of Keylogger Software. Create my brothers who already understand about tolong Keylogger, Understanding corrected my article well. Hehehehe ... Okey, without further ADO, please read the article about Understanding Software Keylogger:D

Keylogger is a software that record or save all input entered by the keyboard. A keylogger is usually used by people who want to steal data or account password belonging to another person who then data or passwords for the account to be used by that person.

Well, this Keylogger is really a weapon powerful enough to steal data from other people. Usually this Keylogger installed on public computers, such as computers on the Internet Cafe and computer Rental. The goal o to steal your data. Actual Keylogger is useful also if you want to find out the buttons and input/input whatever you type on the keyboard. This Keylogger software you can search in Google's grandparent.

To my knowledge, there is also a Keylogger which not only saves the input from the keyboard. But he also traced the result type 80s keyboard. For example, you open a facebook account. Not just his username and password are recorded. But the E-mail address, E-mail, username password E-mail, all contained data on type-Ness your keyboard.

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