Saturday, June 11, 2016

This woman Success Lose 50 kg weight body was only with one Habit Changing Small! The motivation for wanting Slim!

Female 24 years looks lovable, fit and trim. Who would have thought, following he is a deafening-bodied women Lantara pursuit gorgeous beverage and eat junk food. In one hours of hours of day, Victoria stean be downed five cans of computer graphics drinks and 69 teaspoons of sugar.

With severity 170 cm, weight reached 123 kg create Victoria see big and unventilated. By a doctor, Victoria warned to save his diet because there is a colossal risk that menghantui.Victoria who have type 1 diabetes, the doctor said could go blind if his compulsion of intake of sweets is not controlled.

Yes, tall blood sugar can indeed flashing the retina. Vascular sickness that occurs in diabetes mellitus patients retina of the eye is called diabetic retinopathy. This condition can guide to blindness because it is often unconscious.

In diabetic retinopathy, retinal quality circulation will be impaired. If left unchecked, said Dr. Rumita, retina will bleed and emerging of new blood vessels that guide to glaucoma can mitigation to blindness.

Victoria initially ignored the warnings doctors. Still, as a young person person she was eating junk food and sugary drinks are her favorite. At the age of 17 years, Victoria even atmosphere in the middle of an addiction to beverage simulation drinks. Starting from just two cans of liveliness drinks in a daylight, and then after a long epoch he could chug happening to 5 cans.

Said Victoria, the difficulty can be free if already drinking vibrancy drinks. Not abandoned in front appealing, Victoria too lazy to concern and exercise. Slowly but surely, his weight was more bertambah.Hingga Victoria finally began to character a variety of complaints. His views are not pure. Even within his view lonesome taking place to two meters.

Victoria along with become easily weary and often out of breath gone walking. Even had twice he suffered a dislocated knee. "Maybe because it had to preserve my weight was therefore suitable," he said as quoted by the Daily Mail, Thursday (24/03/2016).

Sadly, behind Victoria obscurity walking and driving. Because of that, he had to quit his job. Until finally Victoria restless himself following her body exchange. That happens by now the characterize is uploaded upon social networking after her holiday to Turkey in 2013.

At that era doctors caution that he threatened the blind as came help taking place to him. Victoria finally approved to run makannya.Dia as well as intends to no longer beverage cartoon drinks. It turned out that shifting eating and drinking habits is not as easy as it seems.

Victoria frequent headaches.

"The paramedics had to be called if my sugar levels all along to a dangerous level, because I around coma hypoglycemia," said Victoria.

About six months to the fore customary levels of the hormone insulin, Victoria decrease eating bread and junk food. "I became very restrictive just about what I eat," he added.

To retain her weight loss, in accumulation together occurring to implementing a healthy diet, Victoria also exercise. A quantity of 10 hours per week he spent in the gym. The result was seen, where his weight to 73 kg. Victoria was easier to pick clothes, looks fresher and more beautiful.

Even more encouraging, vision gradually augmented. Well, selamatya Vic!

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