Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tips For Avoiding A Keylogger

Wew, Tips on avoiding the travel malang juanda Keylogger (also see Understanding Software Keylogger). This Keylogger Avoidance Tips nih, offerings from me (Cieehh ... =. = a). Create your Tau kesel and frustrating because the account-account you often got hacked, this Keylogger that may be one cause. Okeh, rather than talk at length again, please read my article about my version of the Keylogger Avoidance Tips:D

The Following Tips Avoid A Keylogger:

Avoid Typing From The Keyboard

This is one of the most powerful ways to avoid data theft by a Keylogger. Because the Keylogger can only save of keyboard input. Don't be too often typing Account-account or important data directly from the keyboard. Can-can all your data is stolen. You can use the Virtual Keyboard to type by clicking the buttons on the keyboard on the screen with the mouse. A Virtual Keyboard is usually already available on the Windows operating system. There is also a Virtual Keyboard provided by computer anti-virus vendors. Important, do not often important account-account type on the keyboard.

Do Not Install Software Carelessly

You need to be careful if you want to install new software-software that you get. That is because it could be spyware or Keylogger. Note the first validity software-software that you get it. If the software-software that you get it from magazines or tabloids, you don't have to worry about. Because software obtained from a magazine or tabloid that was already in the test.

Use An Anti-Keylogger Software

Well, if there's a software keylogger means there is also an anti-keylogger software. This software prevents keylogger for can record input you earn from typing on the keyboard. This software you can search in Google's grandparent. There are many anti-keylogger software available on Google. But you also need to be wary of that anti-keylogger software. Can-can anti-keylogger is a keylogger or spyware. Oya, you can also install plugins on your web browser that can prevent spyware or web sites that contain malware that can steal your data.

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